How to write a superlative sentence in spanish

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If the comparative is made with more, the superlative takes most. Two or three figures wen there stay ineradicably in my mind.

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Rising intonation is frequently used in open-ended statements made with some reservation, in polite requests, and in particular questions answerable by yes or no e. Read translation Today the weather is very nice.

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The superlative with “-ísimo” in Spanish Posted by Adir on Mar 11, in Spanish Grammar In Spanish we can say that something is “the most / -est” also by using the ending -ísimo(a). Check out how this superlative is formed. 6 Examples: (superlatives) He's the cleverest person/the most clever person in the class.

He's the thinnest in his family. She's the most beautiful girl (that) I know. She's the ugliest of the three.

9 Spanish Sayings Using Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

If we use -er in the comparative, we form the superlative by adding -est to the adjective or to the adverb. In this sentence, the superlative adjective best compares my mother's cooking to everyone else in the family. As it describes the highest degree of difference, hers is the most delicious.

Spanish Comparatives and Spanish Superlatives

As it describes the highest degree of difference, hers is the most delicious. Nov 01,  · A: ·An adjective that stands in a syntactic position where it directly modifies a noun, as opposed to a predicative adjective, which stands in a predicate position but which modifies the subject of the clause.

For example, in the big green house, big and green are attributive adjectives, whereas in the house is big and green, big and green. Learn the sentence structure to describe your family in Spanish with SER and common adjectives. Read and listen to paragraphs describing families and practice listening with a conversation called my family in Spanish including key phrases and questions about this topic.

How to write a superlative sentence in spanish
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9 Spanish Sayings Using Comparative and Superlative Adjectives